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What's special about St John's?

Our children

We are very proud of our pupils and see them mature socially, emotionally and spiritually as they move through school. We work hard to develop the whole child and seek to promote individual strengths. Children are given responsibilities: from monitor jobs in the early years, to being part of the school council and in later years applying for safety patroller positions.


We have strong links with the church and Rev Nigel Carter visits for an assembly with each key stage every week. Children in years five and six also attend the mid week communion service in church. Whatever faith background children come from, we strongly promote our Christian values and help children to understand how they can live them out. Children spend time in assemblies and curriculum lessons learning what the values mean to their lives. each term values awards are presented to pupils who demonstrate the values in their interactions with each other.

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Big Maths

 St John's is a lead school for Big Maths and we regularly welcome visitors from around the country to see our lessons. maths lessons are pacey and fun and have a strong emphasis on developing numerate children. Big maths begins in Nursery with little Big Maths and each year skills are built upon using fun characters to help teach the methods.



Our phonics results in Year One are consistently high. This is important to us because it means that our children learn to read well and have a strong foundation to build upon in later years. We have used the read Write Inc programme for many years although we use aspects of other phonics programmes to best meet our children's needs. Children begin our phonics programme in Nursery, and in similar way to Maths, this is built on and developed all the way through school. Giving children clear and consistent approaches each year is a cornerstone of our academic success. 

Creative Curriculum

Our children enjoy coming to school and the creative curriculum is a big part of this. we teach all the national curriculum requirement but use engaging topics to interest the children. For instance our Year Five children study the Tudors in our 'Off with her Head!' topic. As part of this they dress up as Tudors, painted Tudor portraits and experienced life as a Tudor child on a visit to Selly Manor. These topics also provide opportunities to use the basic skills of reading, writing and number that pupils have acquired.

School Profile

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School Fund Accounts

The School Fund Accounts for September 2017 - August 2018 have been audited.

Auditor’s Statement

I have examined the receipts and payments statements with the books and vouchers relating thereto and have obtained all of the information and explanations that I have required. I certify that it is my belief that the receipts and payments statement give a true and fair view of the transactions for the year ending 31st August 2017. This is to the best of the information and explanations supplied to me and as shown by the books of the fund