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Pupil Premium Grant (PPG)

The Pupil Premium is an additional amount of money allocated to schools on a per pupil basis for any child who has been eligible for free school meals at any time during the preceding six years- known as Ever 6. It also applies to Looked After Children and at a reduced rate, to the children of service families.

Walsall residents can check eligibility and register for free school meals online. Click here 

Non Walsall residents should seek advice from our school office staff.

At St John’s we have always had a philosophy of every child matters. This is still the case, that all children should be enabled to achieve their full potential. Pupil premium children are a specific group within our school that receive very focused and targeted support from allocated funding. Nationally, this group of children have been generally underachieving and this funding aims to remove barriers to their success at school. Our aim is for this group to be making better than expected progress.

Responsibility for this group of pupils lies with the Pupil Premium Champion, Mrs Lane, who is one of the deputy heads. Our named pupil premium governor is Mrs Clarke.

Our pupil premium spend is research based. Senior leaders and governors use the Education Endowment Foundation Toolkit to support our planning and spending. A large proportion of pupil premium spend is on staff with the aim of removing barriers to learning.

Barriers to learning may be social, emotional or academic. Additional support given is tailored to the needs of the child. Examples of support offered in school are:

  • 1 to 1 sessions
  • Small group teaching sessions
  • Use of Lexia systematic literacy program
  • Specialist reading resources
  • Specialist trained staff
  • Access to ICT equipment
  • Early language development intervention
  • Home visits by an attendance officer
  • Smaller class sizes where staff focus on high quality written and oral feedback
  • Financial support to encourage attendance of extra-curricular activities.
  • Family support offered by PSA and senior staff

This list is not exhaustive as our approach is personalised. A number of our pupil premium children make year on year excellent progress and additional support may focus on enrichment and extension of their skills and abilities.